Last 10 Pounds

You’ve been doing a phenomenal job of losing the majority of your weight, but the last 10 pounds (of 12, or 8, or 5) are being incredibly stubborn. Many people find this stage of weight loss the most difficult of all.  After you’ve lost a substantial amount of your excess weight, your metabolism declines, requiring less energy intake or more energy output to continue to reduce the pounds.

Loss 10 Pounds Tips by Dr. Mona Lala

This program is intended on getting those trying to get over the hurdle of losing those last few pounds. And, yes, you can do it. We will reinforce healthy eating, fitness, and will identify areas to optimize to lead you to that healthy weight. Through structure, frequent interaction and communication, nutritional monitoring, and exercise, clients will be able to make the adjustments needed to get those last stubborn pounds off, increase energy, and enjoy a greater level of self-confidence. Your assessment will include:

  • A comprehensive health and nutrition analysis
  • Body composition inclusive of fat, water, and muscle weight
  • Basal metabolic rate assessment
  • Focused physical examination

After your analysis, you will receive specific recommendations to incorporate to reignite your weight loss. You will be held accountable for your nutrition and exercise with Dr. Lala, and will have access to her with any questions or concerns that arise with your program.

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* We see patients in Illinois, Indiana and Kansas via Telemedicine.
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