“After just a couple weeks my BP meds were cut in half due to the immediate weight loss…. My labs, and my second body analysis showed outstanding results without losing muscle mass but actually losing body fat!  My waist is down 2.5 inches and hips 3 inches.  My overall Cholesterol is down to from 242 to 170.  I look and feel SO MUCH BETTER!!! There is an old saying I heard once “5 pounds no one notices, 10 pounds you notice, 15 pounds everyone notices”.  Well I can tell you that the comments are rolling in ! This in itself gives me the confidence to go on with the program.” — Carrie W

We measure your success in 3 ways

A reduction in your body weight and your percent body weight
A reduction in your cholesterol, blood pressure, or sugar levels
A reduction or elimination of any medications for chronic conditions.
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