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Weight Loss – No one does it alone

With the experience, knowledge, and compassion of Dr Lala, you will lose weight, reduce medical ailments, and learn how to maintain a healthy weight long term. Dr Lala is a board-certified Weight Loss doctor, and through her weight loss services and expertise, clients will experience added support and success through evidence-based treatment.

* We see patients in Illinois, Indiana and Kansas via Telemedicine.
Safe and healthy weight loss requires the supervision of a physician. Dr. Lala is trained to help you lose weight safely. She will not only make sure you are shedding fat as you drop pounds, but she will monitor your body to make sure your health is in sync with your weight loss.
You will lose weight rapidly and safely while under the supervision of Dr. Lala. She will craft a personalized weight loss plan tailored to your body. Sign up today for a free consultation.
We’ve seen it all, we understand, and we’re ready to help you lose weight. Dr. Lala will be there to provide hands on support when you need it. There is no weight loss challenge too great. We’re trained to help you lose weight, increase energy, and reclaim your health regardless of where you start in your weight loss journey. You will always receive compassion, kindness and support and Kinetix.

Concierge Weight Loss Care in Chicago by Dr. Lala

Once you’ve completed the program, if you would like continuous weight loss support, whether it be dietary decisions in the moment, or other concerns, for a monthly fee, you may enroll in the Concierge Program, where you will have phone access to Dr Lala as your weight loss consultant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As your personal weight loss expert, she will respond via phone or text to questions or concerns you may have as you continue your healthy lifestyle, as well as provide you weight loss support and guidance through your years.

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