How can you strengthen your grit?

How can you strengthen your grit?

There is a Japanese proverb, “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” Grit is what separates those who succeed at reaching their goals, and those who don’t. The ups and downs of weight loss and gain are not unique. There is one ingredient required in permanent weight loss, and that is grit. The power to persevere is NOT an inborn trait – it can be developed. Grit absolutely plays an important role in weight loss. There may be times that you’re not inclined to go to a fitness class, or that the vending machine is exactly what will relieve some stress. Understand that little hiccups along your journey do not need to derail your goals. Your tenacity, your grit, will realign you with your goals.

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How can you strengthen your grit?

Drop the notion that people have “natural talent”. Those before and after photos that you see when you search “keto diet”… that transformation didn’t happen without a tremendous amount of thought, dedication and perseverance. A very small percent of people do not have to put forth effort toward their health. Everybody else pours an incredible amount of energy toward it. In order to be successful at making lasting lifestyle changes through methods like Intermittent Fasting and keto, it takes dedication and commitment. Over time, it becomes easier to carryout those lifestyles, and with effective guidance, you can overcome the hurdles that may fall in your path.

Find your purpose – what is the reason that you want to adapt your lifestyle? Do you have a family that you want to grow old with? Want to get off your medications? Increase your energy? Identify the reasons that weight loss and a healthy lifestyle will improve your life. You will find motivation to keep at it in moments of vulnerability.

Integrate a plan, work deliberately. Those that plan out their approach are more likely to reach their goals. You don’t have to go at it alone. Make sure your health care team is aligned with your goals, and use their expertise to to strengthen your strides forward.

Hang out with gritty people. Cultivate relationships with people who share similar goals. Join group fitness, interact with clients at your weight loss practice, sign up for a race with friends, find social network groups dedicated to your Intermittent Fasting or Keto lifestyle. Surround yourself with a supportive network that will keep you motivated and can also get you through rough patches.

Try, try again. Don’t expect to reach your goal on the first try. If you have a setback, keep at it. Make a plan on how you will re-initiate your tactics to reaching your goal.  And, remember, you don’t have to go at it alone. Weight management trained physicians, like Dr Lala, are here to assist you.

Weight loss is hard. Nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy. Winston Churchill once said, “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” Hone your grit, and make your goal a reality. Call Kinetix to learn more about healthier living at 773-270-8223.

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