How to Reconnect During This Stressful Time

How to Reconnect During This Stressful Time

I recently read a quote from Albert Einstein that resonated with me. “In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.” There are so many stressors in our world right now — health concerns, job uncertainty, education shifts and lots of time in social isolation. These stressors spill into other aspects of our lives, and often times the littlest members of our families receive the rough end of that stress. We become less attentive, less patient, and less compassionate.

Here are a few ways to reconnect and reestablish compassion and love during this time of heightened stress, and perhaps establish new, healthier habits. And, as mentioned before, it is well documented that stress leads to poorer health outcomes, so let’s get on top of it to ensure strong bodies, strong mind and strong immunity.

1. Embrace imperfection. Maybe dinner time doesn’t look instagram-worthy during these quarantine days. Who cares? Take a moment to comfort yourself. It takes an internal conversation. “My mind tells me that I’m falling short, but I’m doing the best I can. I love my children/spouse with all my heart, and give to them in so many other beautiful ways.” Repeat this to yourself until you feel yourself relax.

2. Listen with curiosity. We are all constantly multitasking, often at the expense of really listening to our children or our partner. Many times, we are called to the carpet: “You’re not listening to me!” Instead of allowing the defensive mechanisms take hold, practice mindful listening and engagement. Responses like “tell me more,” or “how did that make you feel” will create the bond that your family may be missing.

3. Take a Tech Sabbath. Consumers spent almost eight hours/day using media. We all get stuck in the daily grind and forget to have fun. Try to initiate a tech sabbath by putting your phone away after a certain time (ex. Friday after 7pm) to cultivate more positive experiences with your family. Explore an activity that would be fun and interesting. Be playful! Consider water balloon fights, dominoes, planting a garden, whatever you believe would lead to engagement and good memories.

Quarantine does not have to be all bad. We can come out of this with stronger relationships, peaceful minds, and overall better health.

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Dr Lala

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