Proper Techniques To Lose Weight Tips by Dr. Mona Lala

Proper Techniques To Lose Weight Tips by Dr. Mona Lala

You’ve probably heard countless techniques to lose weight, you’ve seen the before and after photos of people who’ve drank cabbage soup for a week and lost 10 lbs, but what is the proper technique to lose weight effectively, and keep it off? Unfortunately, there is no one answer that applies to everyone. Here, at Kinetix, we pride ourselves on learning about the client’s specific needs, whether that relates to losing weight, improving cholesterol, reducing blood pressure medication needs, and improving functionality. With as little as 3% weight loss, clients can see dramatic improvements in their quality of life. Our DNA is unique, so our approach to medical concerns need to be unique as well. When looking for a weight loss clinic in Chicago, it is important to identify your personal needs. There are science-backed methods that you can integrate today to start taking strides toward improving your overall health.

Weight Loss Tips By Dr. Mona Lala

1. Reduce your sugar intake

By reducing your sugar and carbohydrate intake, you will reduce your insulin secretion as well, which will also reduce your body’s signal to store fat. In addition, your hunger drive will also reduce, causing less caloric intake. Sugar is widespread in the American diet. Make reading food labels a habit when you are grocery shopping. Focus on the carbohydrate and sugar content, and try to minimize foods with added sugar (aka corn syrup, cane syrup, honey, molasses).

2. Integrate protein, vegetables, and fat into your diet

High protein diets have been around for years, but they have evolved over time. There has been the Atkins diet, paleo diet, and more recently, the Keto diet meal plan has been en vogue. All of these diets emphasize increasing protein and reducing carbohydrate. The healthy balance of these macronutrients will depend on each person’s overall health. In general, however, integrating lean protein, with good fats (i.e. olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil), as well as low-carbohydrate vegetables will lead to improved insulin sensitivity, reduced hunger and, ultimately, result in weight loss. What we need to remember, however, is that this is not a “fad” diet, or a temporary lifestyle change. Healthy eating needs to become a permanent lifestyle. Many of the “diets” that are out there emphasize calorie counting and macronutrient counting, and although it is important to keep track of these numbers when you begin your weight loss journey, eventually, it will be a way of life that becomes second nature.

3. Resistance training

When it comes to significant weight loss, proper nutrition is king, not exercise. Exercise will not lead to significant weight loss, however, it will lead to weight maintenance which is an essential component of retaining of the health benefits of a reduced weight. The most effective exercise to incorporate is resistance training, as it will support metabolism as weight is reduced. Resistance training can involve free weights (bicep curls, weighted squats, tricep extensions) or simply body weight (squats, lunges, planks). There are many simple exercise routines that are free via web or app, and, if exercise is a brand new, build upon your exercise regimen over time. Start with something simple like 3 separate exercises, 1 set each, and each week, add another set or exercise until you are spending 45min-60 min completing your routine.

Weight Loss Tips Dr. Mona Lala

Come visit Kinetix in Chicago to get your customized weight loss system, and create your new routine today to improve your quality of life going forward.

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