Willpower vs Strategies for Success – Weight Loss

Willpower vs Strategies for Success – Weight Loss

Too often we depend on our willpower to overcome frequent temptation, but unfortunately, you will not reach your health goals if you rely on exerting enough willpower. A Cornell study found that participants estimated they made an average of 15 food choices a day. What was found was that we make an average of 221 food choices a day! Your brain is hard-wired to look for ways to be rewarded. To overcome that reward mechanism 221 times with willpower is extraordinarily difficult and doomed to fail. So, what are some methods for setting yourself up for success? Here are some examples:

Weight Loss by Dr. Mona Lala
Weight Loss by Dr. Mona Lala
  • Instead of bringing a rich dessert for your co-workers, bring a fruit platter or healthy dessert that is in line with your health goals.
  • Instead of meeting up with a friend for dinner and drinks, go for a walk or do a workout or art class together.
  • Instead of having chips and unhealthy snacks at home for your family, pick up healthy ones, such as fruit, popcorn, and baby carrots that you can enjoy as well.

By integrating a plan for success, you will be less tempted, rely less on willpower, and will be better able to reach your heath goals. A key feature of creating strategies for success is integrating a board-certified weight management physician attune to your challenges as you work towards optimizing your weight and health. Kinetix is a medical weight loss center in Chicago, which has prided itself on helping our patients achieve their weight and health goals. Through methods such as Intermittent Fasting, creating strategies for success, and integrating pharmacotherapy, patients have been able to reduce their weight, reduce and eliminate their medical conditions, and enjoy a better quality of life.

Dr. Lala is committed to helping her patients achieve their goals, and will be along side you every step of the way. Call Kinetix today for a free phone consultation. 773-270-8223

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